Main Services

Main Services

Sales Channel

Traditional supply chain management to distribute products to retailers, eCommerce and B2B partner


Online Retailers


Official Online Shop

B2B Channel


Start to finish branding and marketing solutions carefully curated to appeal to regional demographics.

Partnership & Sponsorship

Form strategic partnership to increase brand awareness and exposure.
By sponsoring or attending events or exhibition to build a stronger connection in the industry.

Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter daily post with hashtag strategy and interact with fans to increase page followers. Get the page certified and have product listed in the page.
Youtube video management, regular video post with SEO description and keywords planning.


Based on different product category, communicate with different review website or forum to arrange product review. In order to increase brand awareness, backlinks quantity and product discussion.
Set up an affiliate program to work with bloggers, streamers to form a strategic alliance, increase product exposure and sales


Website Building

Build a website linked with the domain, mobile-friendly, web images, blog posting and proper keyword strategy

SEO Optimization

Complete SEO setup, Google sitemap and robot.txt registration. Backlink building, keywords planning and image optimization to ensure the speed of the website to keep the high performance.

Google Advertisement

With Google Ads certified, running acquisition campaign, retargeting campaign as well as social media and web campaign to increase the conversion rate.